Yasmin Kashfi worked in oil paints, inks and washes to achieve her luminous, dreamlike paintings. Here are some of her thoughts.

“Through the creative process of painting and print making, I tried to embrace the infinite space and time, multitude of experiences, stories and lives.Past memories and memories yet to come and a personal history, however uprooted, all play a roll in my artistic formation.

I can never succeed in deciding who or what to name as the primary source or sources of inspiration, for there are an infinite number of cultural influences, great many masters in the art world, friends, strangers, nature, animals, dreams…

It’s about emotions, fears, doubts, and solitude - It’s a lot about solitude. It’s about trials and errors, conflicts, patience, and the beauty in encountering. It’s about that moment standing in front of a white canvas or a polished zinc plate - that moment of wandering into… It’s about the tools, the brushes, the smell of paint, the etching needle, papers, obstacles and accidents. It’s a remarkable and challenging journey. It’s about sorrow, the loss of a loved one, and about having loved. Making sense of all the senseless chaos, and reaching those hidden corners within where so few dare to venture and return. It’s about sanity and survival by establishing that dialogue, which ultimately the painting translates into a visual language the invisible states of mind. And finally, there is that which I cannot name except that it is what I start with, what is outside and inside of me, a cycle of involvement within the creative process.”

Here are some of Yasmin's oil paintings.


Yassi passed in 2015. She is missed by her many friends. Her loving spirit and energy lives on through her beautiful paintings that light our homes. I miss you, my love.